Apiaries Manuka Honey

Apiaries Manuka honey is harvested from the clean, green and unpolluted environment of New Zealand,  and extracted from the beehive by the 'cold-pressed' method without treating with heat. The active Manuka honey is packed in amber coloured bottles to cut off heat and light. Additional effort is taken throughout the whole packing process to retain all the natural properties of the honey. It is packed and tested in New Zealand according to the UMF Honey Association (UMFHA) standard. This is our quality assurance to our customers that the Apiaries product you purchase is a premium product carrying all its natural goodness. It is no wonder that most consumers who have come to know about Apiaries Manuka honey are fully satisfied with the product that have left them with a lasting impression and good experience.


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Our Quality assurance

100% pure, unprocessed, raw manuka honey from naturally organic source. Packed and tested in New Zealand by UMFHA licencee.


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